Casa per ferie “La Collegiata”

Hospitality for pilgrims along the Via Francigena

San Quirico d’Orcia, Via delle Carbonaie 18
(behind the Parish Church – Collegiata)

We communicate that the Hostel, because of sudden reasons which do not depend on our wills, will remain closed until an unknown date.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank You!


For information and reservations call:

Or write to:

The price is € 15.00 per people, including: stay, vat, city tax and one-use kit (1 cover for the mattress and the pillow + 1 paper towel + 1 sachet of hand-washing gel). Also available a token-operated hairdryer (€ 0.20 per token) and a wi-fi connection for free.

Before Your arrival:

The reservation is mandatory and must be made within 6.30 pm the day before Your arrival! Canceling Your reservation on the same day of Your arrival is not possible!

At Your arrival:

For the check-in please show up between 3.30pm and 6.30 pm!

We kindly ask You to observe the check-in time, together with the term for the reservation, in order to avoid unpleasant denials!!
In case of delay, please notify us within 5.00pm; otherwise, we will consider Your reservation as CANCELED!
Thank You.

Casa per ferie, come raggiungerla

Please show up with:

  • identity card or passport
  • pilgrim’s credential
    (Ad Limina Petri or
    Confraternita di San Jacopo or
    AEVF – European Association Vie Francigene)

N.B.: The credential, also called “pilgrim’s passport”, is the basic document which allows the voyager to have access, with facilities, to hostels along the itinerary. During the way, the pilgrim will receive a stamp from tourism offices, parishes and hostels.

For bikes there is a rack under the lobby in the back side of the hostel. In the same area there are a drying rack and some threads for Your clothes.

Animals are not allowed, except guide dogs for blinds.

In accordance with the rules preventing Covid-19,


our premises have been disinfested and a certification, which is exposed inside the structure, has been released; every day we are obliged to sanitize the rooms! ozonizzatriceEvery week we also make a disinfestation with ozone.

Everyone must observe the obligations of social distancing (1 meter) and wearing a mask inside the building!! Outside, the observation of these rules is recommended. Shoes and bags must be left on the ground floor, on the shelves inside the toilet (in the building adjacent to the Parish Church) and on the terrace on the 1st floor (in the Parish Center’s building, along the town’s main street). You can bring in the rooms Your strictly necessary and/or valuable objects only; the other ones must be left inside Your bags! We are not responsible for thefts. At the entrance You can find an alcoholic solution for Your hands, which must be mandatorily used.

You must buy, included in the ordinary price (€ 15.00), the one-use kit (1 cover for the mattress and the pillow + 1 paper towel + 1 sachet of hand-washing gel). This kit is contained in a compostable bag which, the following morning, will be used to collect the used parts, which every pilgrim/group will throw in the appropriate containers. We do not provide for masks, blankets/sleeping bags, soap or slippers!

Every pilgrim will receive a vademecum of conduct, which will be signed for acceptation.

The kitchen can be used by 1 person at a time; gatherings are absolutely forbidden! A maximum of 6 people can sit in the refectory (by observing the distance of 1 meter).

Holy Masses will took place according to the timetable in the Parish’s website:; it is not possible to add any other Celebration outside the timetable, nor any Concelebrations with other priests, until further notice!!!

We recommend You to always close the entrance door after Your stay.

We will do sudden inspections during stays, and those who do not respect the current rules (given by the Government and the hostel) will be immediately expelled without any refund!!

The present rules are valid until the emanation of new rules.

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Info about buses and trains


Click > HERE < for buses’ timetables

Then click on “Viaggia con noi -> Orari e linee”; after that, click on “Seleziona servizio” (and choose “Extraurbano”), and on “Seleziona territorio” (and choose “Siena”)

The lines which transit through San Quirico d’Orcia are the following:

  • 112 As / 112 Di from and to Siena and Montepulciano
  • 52A As / 52A Di from and to Arcidosso (Monte Amiata) and San Quirico d’Orcia
  • 54A As / 54A Di from and to Abbadia San Salvatore (Monte Amiata) and Siena
  • B20 As / B20 Di from and to Piancastagnaio (Monte Amiata) and Montalcino
  • B23 As / B23 Di from and to Piancastagnaio and Florence (Monday and Friday only)

Click > HERE < for trains’ timetables

Closest railstations: Siena (47 km), Chiusi (38 km) and Buonconvento (16 km)


La Via Francigena in Toscana